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Wearing masks has become a regular part of our day-to-day lives, and it's going to be for some time. As they are becoming mandatory throughout the world, we have designed a range of masks you won't want to throw away. 

ALEMU masks are designed to offer you protection whilst being comfortable and true to our design aesthetics. Some features include:

  • A triple layer of fabrics to filter the air you breathe, including a fusing layer for additional protection. 
  • Ear holes designed for long term comfort and durability.
  • No elastic or Metal used.
  • Sizes come in Small, Medium and Large. 
  • Anti-bacterial insides to help keep the mask clean (where indicated)

Masks are hand washed and pressed before shipping. To be extra safe, we recommend washing them again once they arrive. 

Don't forget to check your size before you order!

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