At ALEMU, we focus on three things:

High Quality: We source materials from conscientious wholesalers and have our garments made in the US by our responsibly operated manufacturing partner.

Limited Edition: Each item we design is made in small batches of 50 providing an exclusive look for our clients.This also cuts down on waste making our manufacturing process much more environmentally friendly than Fast-Fashion alternatives. 

Luxury Design: The essence of Alemu is the inspiration, vision and style of our design team. Be it a basic T or an avant-garde blouse, our outfits are designed to make a statement.

A little more about us:

ALEMU is a Southern California based luxury clothing brand. Our mission is to create sophisticated and elegant clothing that are designed to accentuated our clients individuality while inspiring confidence and passion

Each piece is designed in house and made in the USA in micro-batches of 50 units for exclusive luxury. We are passionate about eco-friendly responsible fashion so we use ethically sourced materials and work with leading US-based factories that pay fair wages and support Women.

ALEMU was founded by Mahlet Teklemariam in 2019. Originally from Ethiopia, Mahlet moved to the US in 2008 to study fashion design at FIDM LA before starting a career in retail clothing management. Despite spending most of her time in the world of fast-fashion, she kept a select list of clients for which she made bespoke outfits and wedding dresses. Frustrated with the quality of products found on the high-street and the repetitiveness of styles, Mahlet founded ALEMU to bring her personal style and designs to a broader audience.  

We hope that you share our passion and love our designs. We are a new company and appreciate your support. If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, please get in touch!